A goose and a businessman.

Usually when you go to work, it's your boss that you have to be afraid of, but not in this company! In this company you need to be afraid of THE GOOSE!!!




A journalist walks into a poll. That had to hurt!



Korean Monalisa

Koreans are a little bit more shy than Europeans about naked bodies. In most public places naked statues and pictures are censored. (Picture by Aaron Siegel)


Mana Lisa in Korea



If Yoda saw this, he would be happy.

Two Jedi cats start fighting for control of the neighborhood.


An airplane almost lands on a beach....every day!


Saint Martin is an Island in the Caribbeans. There are two strange things about it. First of all, it's a very small island but half of it is part of France and the other half is part of Netherlands.

The second strange thing about this island is that it's so small that airplanes almost land on the beach. There's only one place to land! On the BEACH! (kind of)

Watch this crazy plane! I don't know if I should visit this beach to relax on the beach or to see planes land so close to the people.


This is the landing........


and this is the take off.......





Yes, Helo, Yes?

This strange movie is called The Cut Out. It's in black and white and the people in the video say Yes, Hello, again and again and again. You'll get bored of it in about 30 second. Very strange!


Watch Out!!!! Fire tornadoes!!!

A tornado is very scary. A fire tornado is scarier!


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