EU will share your information with the US.

April 23rd, 2012


US Department of Homeland Security Seal

If you plan on going to the US from the EU, the US government will know a lot about you before you arrive. This is because the EU parliament and the US government have agreed to share data about you.

After you buy a ticket to the US, the airline (Delta, Air France, KLM) will send the information to the US government 90 hours before you fly.

They will send them your home address, your email, your phone numbers, seat number, the food you order, and anything else that the airline knows about you.

The agreement says that the US cannot keep personal information about your religion, race, political opinion, union membership, health or your sex life. The US has to erase this data if the airlines give it to them. But, the US can use and keep this information if there is a danger to someone's life.

The agreement also says that any person can ask the US for their own data. For example, if you are a French person and you travel a lot to the US, you can send the Homeland Security Department a letter and ask them to show you all of the information they have about you.

The short name for this agreement is the “PNR Agreement.” The US says the agreement will help fight terrorism and international crimes.

The EU already shares this information with the US but this new agreement will last forever.

In Class Questions

Write complete answers.


1. Who will give the information about you to the US?

2. When will they give the US this information?

3. What data will airlines give to the US?

4. Can the US keep all the data?

5. What information can the US not keep about you?

6. What does the US have to do with the very personal information?

7. Can you get the information about yourself too?

8. How?

9. How will this agreement help the US?

10. What is another word for “information”?




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