Presidents with many wives

April 23rd, 2012

South African President Zuma


President Zuma of South Africa is old. He turned 70 years old this month. But, he doesn't think that he's too old to get married. This month, on April 20th, he celebrated his 6th marriage. But, he only has 4 wives today. One wife divorced him and another wife killed herself. He has about 20 children from all six wives.

Some people in South Africa think that this is wrong and not modern. Zuma says that this is his culture and people have to accept it.

Zuma is not the only leader in the world who has more than one wife. The king of Swaziland has 13 wives. King Abdulla of Saudi Arabia has 13 wives and 25 children. Prime Minister of UAE has 3 wives and 21 children.

In Class Questions

Write complete answers.


1.Who is the president of South Africa?


2. How old is he?


3. How many times has he got married?


4. How many wives does he have?


5. How many children does he have?


6. Does everyone in South Africa agree with his marriage?


7. How many wives does King of Swaziland have?


8. How many children does King Abdulla have?


9. How many weddings did the Prime Minister of UAE have?


10. How many wives do you want to have?




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