Kenya has a new plan to stop HIV/AIDS

April 18th, 2012

By Juliet Kimotho

Aids is commons in Africa


Picture by Jon Rawlinson


For a long time, Kenya had the “ABC” plan to stop AIDS. With the ABC plan, the government tried to tell people three rules. The first rule was “no sex.” The second rule was “don't cheat.” The third rule was “use condoms.” But, after many years this plan did not work and the number of people with AIDS went up and up.

Now, Kenya has a new plan and it is very different from the “ABC” plan. The new plan is called “SAVE.” First, it will ask people to have “safer sex.” The second part of the plan will give people who already have AIDS medicine. The third part of the plan will give counseling and HIV/AIDS tests to people. The new plan will also try to give more help to mothers, children, youth and men before and after infection.

Religious leaders, who already have HIV, created the SAVE plan and hope that it can end discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS.

One of the religious leaders Mohammed Karama, said that the SAVE is also important for couples. He said that 40% of new HIV infections are from couples who live together but are not married. If couples don't know about the new plan, the number of HIV/AIDS infections will not go down.

In Class Questions

Write complete answers.


1. What was the first rule of the “ABC” plan?



2. What was the second rule of the “ABC” plan?



3. What was the third rule of the “ABC” plan?



4. Did the “ABC” plan work?



5. What is the name of the new plan?



6. What is the first rule of the new plan?



7. What is the second part of the new plan?



8. What is the third part of the new plan?



9. Who created the new plan?



10. What percent of new HIV infection are from couples?




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