Russian billionaire was chosen to lead an unpopular party in Russia.

June 26th, 2011

A Russian billionaire, Mikhail Prokhorov, has agreed to lead the party called “Just(Right) Cause” Party. This is a very important event in Russian politics for a few reason.

The last time a billionaire tried to fight with Prime Minister Putin, he was put into jail, his money was taken away and his companies were taken by the government. His name is Mikhail Khodorkovsky and he is still in jail.

Prakhorov is different. He said that he was not with “the opposition.” He said he was for change of Russia policies that will make better houses, schools and more democratic institutions. He wants to make Just Cause Party to become more powerful than Putin's United Russia Party. But, he did not say anything bad about Prime Minister Putin or President Medvedev.

Right now United Russia controls the Duma (Parliament) and the Communist Party is the second biggest party.

Putin and Medvedev did not say anything bad or good about this news. The government news channels showed how Prokhorov was elected the leader of Just/Right Cause Party.

Human rights activists are not very happy about this. They think that he is just a business man who wants to be in politics. That means that his policies will not be different from Putin's policies and there will be no democratic improvements in Russia.

Prokhorov is a very successful business man. He owns a sports team in the USA and he is making an electric car that Russia will make, sell and maybe export.