The police don't care about your stolen computer.


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March 21st, 2012

Today, if someone steals your computer, there are programs that can help you find it. They are called tracking software. You have to download the program and install it. When a bad guy – the thief - steals your computer, you have to go to a website, turn on the tracking software and tell the system that the computer was stolen. The program then calls your computer and tries to find where it is. When the thief who stole your computer turns on the computer, the software secretly takes a picture of the bad guy through the web-camera and shows you exactly where he lives.

That sounds amazing! But wait! Before you get too happy about knowing where the thief lives, you need to call the police and tell them that your computer was stolen. When you do that, you will probably be surprised by what they tell you. Sometimes, when a thief steals your computer and you know who the thief is and where he live, the police will still not help you!

That sounds crazy! But this is what happened to Maribel Zaragoza. She lives in Brussels and her computer was stolen from her room. Her window was open and a thief climbed through the window and took the computer. She had tracking software installed on the computer. Her boyfriend helped her find where the thief lives. Then she went to the police and asked them to help her.

They told her that they can't help her because it's just a computer. If they try to get the computer from the thief, it would cost too much. So, they didn't want to help her. Unfortunately, there's nothing she can do.

But, Maribel is not the only one with this story. In California, a thief stole a computer from a man. The man went to the police and they didn't want to help him. The man had tracking software installed on his computer. He took pictures of the thief and started putting the pictures on his blog. His story got a lot of attention and was on TV. Then the police went and arrested the thief.

If you have a computer, you need to install theft protection program. Take a look at Prey Project, LoJack and Hidden. In some countries the police help, and in others, they don't. You never know.


In Class Questions

Write complete answers.


  1. What is tracking software?

  1. What do you have to do first to get a tracking software?

  1. What do you have to do when a thief steals your computer?

  1. Will the police help you if you know exactly where your computer is?

  1. Why won't they help you?

  1. Where does Maribel Zaragoza live?

  1. What happened to her?

  1. How did the thief take her computer?

  1. What did she have installed on her computer?

  1. Who helped her find where the thief lives?

  1. What did she do next?

  1. Did the police help her?

  1. Why didn't they help her?

  1. What are the names of the tracking software that can help you find your computer?






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