Lawyer in Kazakhstan fights corruption on YouTube


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March 15th, 2012

Soviet Union was one big country, but in 1991 it broke up and became 15 countries. Some of these countries are now democracies but most of them are dictatorships. In these dictatorship countries, the police are not honest. Many times, they stop people that didn't do anything bad and try to arrest them. If the people don't want to be arrested, they can pay some money to the police officers and they can go home. When people pay money to the police to be free, they have to “bribe” the police. This means the police is bad or “corrupt.”

Corruption happens in all countries and it's difficult for people to fight corruption. In dictatorship countries it's more difficult to fight corruption. But, one lawyer in Kazakhstan found a solution to the problem. He started taking his video camera with him when he's driving and if the police stop him for no reason, he records everything and puts it on Youtube.

In the Youtube video, you can see that the police stopped him for “going too fast.” But, the lawyer says to the police that he wasn't going too fast. Then he asked the police officer why he stopped him. The police officer says that he has the right to do that. But the lawyer says that “no”, he doesn't have that right. A police officer cannot stop someone for no reason. The policeman says that he has proof that the lawyer was driving too fast. He shows the lawyer a digital device with number, but the lawyer knows that the police officer is lying. The police have no proof. Then the police officers go back to their car and the lawyer doesn't have to pay them any corruption money. The lawyer wins!


In Class Questions

Write complete answers.


What happened to Soviet Union in 1991?

How many countries were in the Soviet Union?

They these new countries democracies or dictatorships, now?

Are the police honest in these countries?

What do people have to pay to the police?

What happens in most countries?

How does a lawyer in the video in Kazakhstan fight corruption?

In the video, does the lawyer have to pay a bribe?


Explain in 2 sentences what happens in the video?





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