Venezuela's military doesn't want democracy. download/print for class

March 12th, 2012


Wikileaks is an organization that became famous because it published many secret emails from governments and corporations. The newest secret documents come from a security corporation called Stratfor. Stratfor is a private company from Austin Texas and provides analysis about world security.

Recently, Wikileaks put one of the Stratfor emails online. The email said that the Venezuelan army will not be happy if anti-Hugo Chavez political parties win the 2012 elections. If they win, the army will not allow them to take power.

Stratfor thinks this because Hugo Chavez gave Rangel Silva a new job. Before, Rangel Silva was a military operations manager. But his new job is Chief General. This means that he controls all of the military.

Unfortunately, Rangel Silva is not a big fan of the democratic opposition. When he got the new job, he said that a strong Venezuelan military will not allow the democrats to sell Venezuela to capitalists. This means that if the anti-Hugo Chavez party wins the elections on October 12 of this year, the military will probably attack the government and take control of the country.


Hugo Chavez has been sick recently and is not very popular anymore. In the last election his party lost a lot of power in the Parliament.


Stratfor, the corporation from Austin Texas, said that some of the emails Wikileaks is publishing have been changed and are not true.


In Class Questions

Write complete answers.


Why is Wikileaks famous?

Where are the new secret emails from ?

What is Stratfor?

Where is it located?


When are the next elections in Venezuela?

Will the military be happy if the Hugo Chavez doesn't win?

Will the military allow the anti-Hugo Chavez parties to control Venezuela?

What did Rangel Silva do?

What does Rangel Silva do now?





Send us your answers and we will correct them!!!!


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