Fire starts at Thailand's Parliament


March 5th, 2012

fire extinguisher A fire started in the Thai Parliament that almost destroyed the entire building. People tried to put out (stop) the fire but they were not able to because there were not enough fire extinguishers. The other problem was that some of them were empty before the fire started.

Eventually the fire fighters came and stopped the fire and no one was hurt. The fire started when the power lines next to the building stopped working.


In Asian countries, power lines are very disorganized. There are also a lot of illegal power lines which are not inspected and are not safe. This causes problems for other people and starts fires.

The Parliament is OK.


In Class Questions

Write complete answers.


What happened in Thailand?



Is the Parliament building OK or did it burn down?



Were there enough fire extinguishers?



What was the problem with the fire extinguishers?



How many people got hurt?



How many people die from the fire?



What's the problem with power lines in Asia?



What is another way to say for "put out" a fire?




If you want, you can post your answers below and we will tell you if they are correct or not.


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