Putin Explains why he wants to be the president or Russian again.


February 29th, 2012

Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin went on TV today to explain why he was trying to becoming President of Russia again. He talked a lot about how Russia had to let independent organizations develop a democracy. This is ironic because he had closed a lot of independent organizations that were against him and put many of their leaders into prison. He also said that many of the problems and protests that were happening in Russia were started by foreigners.

After he spoke for an hour, a woman asked him what he was trying to do with Russia. Putin laughed but then answered seriously. He said that he wanted the minority to have rights, but he also wanted the minority to respect the majority.

Another person asked him why he was trying to become the president again. Putin said that he wants to be the President because the constitution of Russia says he can be the president again. He also said that in many countries like Canada and England, the leaders are in power for 10 to 14 years, but no one says that those countries are dictatorships.


During the time he was on TV he said many times that many of the problems in Russia today were created by foreigners

Russian Elections are on March 4th and everyone thinks Putin will win. If he wins, he will be president for 6 years.

In Class Questions

Write complete answers.


Why was Prime Minister Putin on TV today?



How long did he speak for?




What did a woman ask him?




What did Putin do when she asked him that question?




What does Putin want the minority to do?




Does Putin think he is a dictator?




When are the next elections?




Will Putin become the President of Russia again?




Do you think Putin is a good guy or a bad guy?