Choose who you fly with, on Facebook!


February 27th, 2012

Have you ever flown on an airplane and sat next to someone who smelled? Or someone who was too big? Or maybe someone who was strange? Now, KLM, the airline from Netherlands, has a solution for you - choose who you sit with through Facebook or Linkedin!

Anyone who is flying from Amstradam to New York, San Francisco or Sao Paulo will be able to go on Facebook or Linkedin and choose who they sit with. Here's how it will work......

First you will have to buy a ticket, of course! After that you will have to log into your Facebook or Linkedin account. Then you'll have to go to the KLM Facebook application and share your information with other passengers on the plane. You will only be able to see info of people who also shared their information on the KLM application. If they didn't share anything, you will not know anything about them.

If you see someone who has similar interests or speaks the same language as you, choose the seat next to them, click! and you're finished! Hopefully you have a fun, sexy or interesting airplane neighbor who entertains you for 12 hours.



But will people really want to do this?

Christie Vanorsdale from the US says she won't do it. “It really doesn't matter who sits next to me. When flying, I drink lots of red wine and watch movie after movie. I hate talking to people next to me. I don't care if they are interesting.”

Mr. Domenico from South Africa said the idea was “quite cool” but was afraid that strange people will use the system in ways that will make other people uncomfortable.

Yori from Germany was more worried about racism than strange people. “ There is already enough racism in the world,” said Yori. “I'm afraid that KLM's new system will create more racism.”

Only people who are flying from/to Amsterdam use the new system. If the program works well, KLM will use this system on all flights.

Will you pick your flight neighbor?

In Class Questions


What will KLM allow people to do through Facebook and Linkedin?





Who will be able to do this?




How does the program work?








Where is Christie Vanorsdale from?




What does she usually do during a flight?




Is she interested in KLM's new plan?




Where is Yori from?




What is she worried about?