No fuel from Egypt means no electricity for Gaza strip.


February 20th, 2012

The people in Gaza Strip, a piece of Palestinian land between Egypt and Israel, do not have a lot of fuel. And now, they will have much less.

Palestinians secretly brought fuel to Gaza Strip from Egypt in underground tunnels. The fuel in Egypt was cheap. But now, Egypt has made a limit on how much fuel people near Gaza strip can buy. This made the price of fuel more expensive and Palestinians in Gaza Strip cannot pay the new price.

The other place where Palestinians can buy fuel is Israel. But, Israeli fuel is more expensive than Egyptian fuel.

All borders to Gaza Strip have been closed by Israel since 2007. If the Palestinians in Gaza Strip want something, they have to beg Israel for it or they can secretly bring it to Gaza Strip through an underground tunnel.


1.6 million people live in Gaza Strip. It is part of “Palestine” but is separate from the its bigger territory, West Bank. Israel is located between the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Israel controls all borders, land and taxes in both territories. This is why Palestinians are so poor, cannot study abroad and have 45% unemployment.

Hamas, an anti-Israeli military group that wants to destroy Israel, controls Gaza Strip. Fatah, its Palestinian enemy that doesn't want to destroy Israel, controls the bigger West Bank.

In Class Questions


Before today, where did Palestinians from Gaza Strip get fuel?




Was it cheap or expensive?




Why can't they buy fuel anymore?




Why is it more expensive?




Can they buy fuel from Israel?




Who controls Gaza Strip?




Who controls West Bank?




How many people live in Gaza Strip?




What is the unemployment rate in Gaza Strip?




Can people from Gaza Strip travel abroad?