Do you wear Danish?

By Annikki Einsele

July 4th, 2011


Copenhagen, smorrebrod, North Sea, hot dog and liquor are the first things you think about when you think about Denmark. This small country with a population of only 5,500,000 people offers nice, clean, quiet beaches and country side, hospitality and rich food. But, that is not all.


During the last few decades of fashion, Scandinavian style and taste has more and more come into our lives. For example, almost everyone now has something from Ikea at home. The very simple, classic and timeless style, mixed with clean, romantic and modern pieces, represents what people want now: high design that is always popular.


One of the most famous Scandinavian designers is called Margit Brandt. She started working in Paris in 1960s in Paris as an apprentice. Soon after, she introduced her first collection called B-age at the Copenhagen Fashion Fair in 1965. She had a lot of success and she became the representative of fashion for a whole young female generation in Scandinavia. Today, her style combines new materials, colors and styles with original designs that become popular quickly. The result is a unique retro fashion combination that is innovative and new.


Another famous designer from the country is Malene Birger. After Princess Mary of Denmark said that Malene Birger's clothes are her favorite, this brand became “hot.” MTV Europe said that Malene Birger is the "Queen of Fashion". Malene's company is younger than Margit Brandts's story but they are both very famous. Malen's feminine, playful and elegant style thinks about women's shape and gives every woman a modern look.


Utzon – now 200 years old, is famous for its original classic style and excellent materials. It tries to make high quality collections which people can wear for many generations. "History"is their slogan. Designer Pernille Utzon combines silk, fur and leather into ageless haute-couture.


The younger generation of fashion lovers comes with new ideas and styles and they are conquering Europe and the rest of the world. Samsoe & Samsoe is one of Denmark's newcomers representing clear, innovative style designed by Maja Klovdal. Founded in 1993 Maja says "the leadership style, the freedom and a democratic design made the company successful."

A unique female brand Best Behaviour made clothes in which you feel very free and that's why you want to take it everywhere. Started in 2004, the Danish designers, Marie Orberg and Malene Brochner, had and still follow the idea to set new standards and a new styles for women in fashion so that women feel comfortable and confident.

A similar brand for women, Noir, shows amazing, brave and flamboyant fashion. They want our female world to look more sparkling and they also want it to look modern and extraordinary. When the 8 year old company makes it's products, it always thinks about moral ideas like fair-trade and it uses organic cotton fabrics from Africa.

Peter Ingwersen, the owner of Noir, knows that clothing in the 21st century is very important and it can influence people. That's why he tries a lot to protect the environment and work against abuse of workers through globalization.

That's why Noir is also part of the United Nations Global Compact.


And finally, do you remember a very young, blond woman holding a flacon with a pearl inside in front of an anthracite wall? That's Noa Noa. Their natural, young and pure image and style concentrates on women with a modern, bohemian lifestyle. After more than 30 years in fashion business, the Noa Noa brand stands for combination of cosmopolitan and femininity.


Next to Lollys Laundry, Designers Remix, Karen by Simonsen, S’Nob de Noblesse, Ganni - People know Danish design is good because of the high quality material and timeless design.

London and Paris have been known as the centre of haute-couture and new ideas, we should now look more and more to Denmark and be excited about what they can show us.


For those who want to enjoy Danish design but for less money: Go to Jackpot , InWear, Mads Norgard or Part Two.



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