A Chinese Tale - Un Cuento Chino

By Carlos Fernández Castro

July 2nd, 2011


Argentinean filmmakers can make interesting and emotional films about really simple things. This film is about the relationship between an unfriendly Argentinean man and a Chinese immigrant. The Chinese immigrant has just arrived to Buenos Aires to look for his uncle but he doesn't speak Spanish.

A story that is so simple is usually not very interesting. But, Sebastian Borenzstein – the director - catches our attention and makes us see our fears in Ricardo Darin's character.

Roberto (Ricardo Darín) is a noble and a honest guy. In the movie he tries but he can't get rid of Jun (Ignacio Huang). Roberto has to take care of this person and this makes him see life differently; he learns about compassion and friendship, but he also discovers that it's not good to be alone.

“A Chinese Tale” (Un Cuento Chino,) is a story that Roberto usually cuts from the newspapers because he thinks it is funny and unbelievable. He likes to imagine himself in the story. But, he doesn't realize that one day one of those stories is not far from him.

"A chinese Tale" is a warm and funny film, full of great acting and wonderful storytelling. Movies like this show that if a film is not exciting - like running after a killer or saving the world - the Seventh Art (cinema) is still useful to talk about everyday feelings and everyday fears.



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