"Midnight in Paris" is not Woody Allen's best movie.

By Carlos Fernández Castro

June 8th, 2011


"I admit it, maybe I'm wrong; people at the Cannes festival thought "Midnight in Paris" was an amazing movie, but I still think it isn't a great movie like the people and the media says. Woody Allen has made a lot of smart films in his career and we should remember them (Crimes and Misdemeanors, Deconstructing Harry, Manhattan), before judging his new films.

"Midnight in Paris" is funny, original and entertaining; it is better than most of the comedies you will see this year, but it is definitely not Allen's new begining. Maybe he's too old; maybe he should stop making films every year; or maybe, after a long relationship, he has no more inspiration. The truth is that he's not the same anymore.

This time, the American director writes a good script that comes from a good idea; but he thinks he can spend the whole ninety minutes of the film showing how a famous person like himself, Owen Wilson, meets popular people from the twenties, like Picasso, DalĂ­, Hemingway or F. Scott Fitzgerald, without really creating a real story. And that's the reason why the movie doesn't really work.

If you are new to Woody Allen's cinema, "Midnight in Paris" is not a good movie to start with; it wouldn't show Allen's great artistic abilities. If you want to see his best work, try to watch "Match Point", "Hannah and her Sisters", "Husbands and Wives" or the other films I spoke about before. But if you go to the cinema and there's nothing more interesting to watch than Allen's “Midnight in Paris,” go and watch it; you won't be sorry!


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